The Sea captivates us with its gentle beauty and unequalled strength.  The color of the sea is captured in the carefully cut facets of the gems of this collection: London Blue topaz from Brazil.  Accented with silver, the Blue Wave Collection features large stones and simple shapes that make a bold statement.  These pieces are anything but shy!

These are real gemstones, not synthetic or lab created.  They are mined in Brazil and beautifully cut in Thailand to bring out their natural brilliance.  The blue color comes from within the stone.  It is not a coating that can scratch or wear off like less precious topaz treatments. 

Big Swirl Pendant

This is the first piece from this collection.  It has proven to be very popular and these pieces are made to order.  I generally use an oval shaped stone in the 12 ct - 15 ct range, however, if you prefer a different shape, I will share images of other stones I have available.  I focus on blue stones in this collection and have other stones available such as turquoise and larimar.  Pendants are approximately 2" high.   $625
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Lemonade Collection
My fun summery collection of white pearls and yummy yellow gemstones. Select pieces from this collection are made to order.

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